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AIFC's Law Conference 2020 To Be Sponsored by Seven Pillars Law​

AIFC's Law Conference 2020 To Be Sponsored by Seven Pillars Law

29 Jun 2020 | Category : News

Central Asia’s most prestigious law conference is sponsored by the region’s most innovative law firm, Seven Pillars Law.

Seven Pillars Law (“7Pillars“), one of the most advanced law firms in Central Asia, has become the lead sponsor of the Astana International Financial Centre’s prestigious Law Conference 2020. In addition, 7Pillars is the only law firm to be appointed a Business Programme Partner for the Astana Finance Days event, this year being held for the first time fully online.

7Pillars is unique across Central Asia in its ability to offer advice through the lens of lawyers who have worked in finance, business and law firms; in Government and in the Judiciary; in the East and in the West; and in Court and in the Boardroom. 7Pillars uses innovation and out of the box thinking, to put its clients’ interests first; has unrivalled experience at the intersect of finance, business and law; and was established to support those doing business in, with, from or through Kazakhstan and, more particularly, the AIFC.

Through its sponsorship of the AIFC Law Conference and its appointment as a Business Programme Partner to the Astana Finance Days, 7Pillars further affirms its commitment to Central Asia, Kazakhstan and the AIFC, bringing its unrivalled experience and network for the benefit of both events.

Speaking of the partnerships, 7Pillars’ Co-founder Mark Beer, OBE said “As Kazakhstan’s first decentralised law firm, providing innovative, client centric solutions to our global clients, it is fitting that we are the lead sponsor for the region’s leading law conference, and the only law firm partner of the Astana Finance Days. Through our network we have access to over 800 lawyers and 300 technology powered legal solutions, enabling us to empower international and Kazakh businesses to succeed globally.”

Kim Siegel, who co-founded 7Pillars with Mark said “7Pillars is unique in its ability to help its clients. 7Pillars’ lawyers have worked in big law and big business, in the East and the West, in finance, Government and in private companies, and in judiciaries and arbitration centres. No other firm in Central Asia can bring the same experience and solution orientation, combined with a commitment to innovation and client focus. I’m delighted we are sponsoring the prestigious AIFC Law Conference 2020 and supporting the development of legal knowledge throughout Central Asia.”

Welcome to 7Pillars, AIFC.

Write to us at clients@sevenpillars.law and see how the future of law is being delivered today from the AIFC.

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