Thomas Jefferson got it right when he said ‘I never yet saw an instance of one of two disputants convincing the other by argument’.

Disputes place a significant burden on those involved, both financially and emotionally, as well as soaking up scarce management time: So we think they are best avoided. And we should know – one of our Founders, Mark, ran a Court for a decade, and the other, Kim, was responsible for dispute resolution for an international bank.

We work closely with clients to put them in the best possible position to never have a dispute. However, we fully recognise that disputes arise from time to time. Therefore, if one is on the horizon, we will work with you to navigate around it, not try to smash through it.

The team at Seven Pillars has extensive experience in dispute resolution and negotiations, achieving the best outcomes for its clients in good times and bad, always focussed on ensuring the strategy and outcomes are aligned with our clients’ objectives.

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Raising money is hard enough, even for Governments. So let Seven Pillars, and its experienced partners and lawyers help maximise your asset value, enhance liquidity through our global finance network, reduce borrowing costs and make the process smooth sailing.

We currently assist Governments, State Owned Enterprises, Investors and Finance Houses by offering a full suite of legal, due diligence and investor relations support.

We combine securities law expertise with industry sector and practice-specific advice and collaborate with world-leading financiers, insurers, investor relations firms, accountants, governance advisors and communications agencies to deliver the best outcomes for clients looking to privatise, or raise funds in the debt and equity markets globally.

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