Space may well be the final frontier, but don’t let lawyers over-complicate it. At Seven Pillars, Space is one of our core areas of knowledge and expertise, and we have one of the world’s leading space lawyers, helping you to launch your space ambitions, and keep you safe (at least, legally).

We specialise in satellite production and launch, space-related investments, insurance and space disputes. The Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan has been the launch site for Soviet and Russian space missions since the beginning of space exploration in 1957. The first satellite and the first human flew into space from there, and we are delighted to be the first law firm in Central Asia with a focus on all things space-related.

Seven Pillars is uniquely placed to support those looking to invest and operate beyond the earth’s atmosphere.

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Raising money is hard enough, even for Governments. So let Seven Pillars, and its experienced partners and lawyers help maximise your asset value, enhance liquidity through our global finance network, reduce borrowing costs and make the process smooth sailing.

We currently assist Governments, State Owned Enterprises, Investors and Finance Houses by offering a full suite of legal, due diligence and investor relations support.

We combine securities law expertise with industry sector and practice-specific advice and collaborate with world-leading financiers, insurers, investor relations firms, accountants, governance advisors and communications agencies to deliver the best outcomes for clients looking to privatise, or raise funds in the debt and equity markets globally.

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